Structure of Muslim names

Male Names

  1. Names of Allah can be preceded with Abdul.
  2. Ahmad and Muhammad are often used before and after the names of Allah, Muhammad or others.
  3. Biblical names in Arabic may be combined with names of Allah, Muhammad or others.
  4. Abu added to the name of a Married man indicated that he is father of the child of the same name.
  5. Ibn or Bin Mean "Son of"

Female Names

  1. A single woman can use the name of the father after the chosen name.
  2. The chosen name may be followed by Aaraa, Akthar, Begum, Jahaan, Khaanam, Khaatoon etc
  3. Prefixing Umm means "Mother of".
  4. Bint after female name indicates that she is the "Daugther of"