The Sea of Galilee Capernaum

099 = The Sea of Galilee
Also called the Lake of Tiberias and also the Kinneret.The lake is truly the Lake of Jesus for Jesus has sanctified it by his miracles,his sailing from one side to the other,walking on the water by the lake,Jesus distributed the seed of the divine word.
The lake is also called Kinneret - in Hebrew - 'Kinnor' - which means harp.It is thought that it received its name from its oval shape.It lies 212m. below sea level,its length it about 21kms,its greatest width is 13kms,its depth is about 54m.

100 = The Church of the Beatitudes
The shrine which was built in 1936-38 is octagonal in shape to commemorate the eight Beatitudes.
One of which is inscribed on each of the windows.The altar is covered by a dome which glitters with gold mosaic.
And seeing the multitudes he went up into a mountainm,and when he was set,his disciples came unto him and he opened his mouth and taught them saying,Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven Matt 5:1-3.

101 = Capernaum
Remains of the third century synagogue in Capernaum

102 = Capernaum
The remains of a Byzantine Church believed to shrine the home of Simon Peter where Jesus healed the hopeful crowds who gathered at the door.

103 = An ancient olive press at. Capernaum,is a reminder of what was once an important city.In Capernaum Jesus said "And thou Capernau, shich art exalted unto heaven,shall be brought down to hell.For if the mighty works,which have been done in thee,had been done in Sodom,it would have remained until this day. Matt 11.13

104 = Crumbling stones of the Synagogue at Capernaum
105 = Capernaum - ruins of the Master's City
107 = A partial view of the Sea of Galilee