083 = Acre - Akko A famous harbour city on the Gulf of Acre;enclosed by its walls since early history.The city is mentioned in the Old Testament,then by the Greeks.Its great history begins in the times of the Crusaders when in 1104 Baldwin I took the Fortress of Acre after 20 days of siege.
In 1187 it surrendered to Salah Eddin without resistance.The city was once more in the hands of the Crusaders in 1191.
In 1799 it was besieged by Napoleon,but he failed to enter the city.Since 1948 Acre is a mixed town of Jews and Arabs.

The Al Jazzar Mosque (named agter the ruler Al Jazzar-which means the butcher,on account of his extreme cruelty)was built in 1981.It has a beautiful courtyuard,sundial and twin domed building,hloding the sarcophagi of Ahmad Al Jazzar and his successor Suleiman.

084 = Al-Jazzar Pasha Mosque - Interior
085 = Acre - the city wall