The Dead Sae

Masada is 4 im from the Dead Sea,it is 440m.above the Dead Sea,and it is cut off from the surrounding heights by deep gorges.At Masada the zealots held out against the Romans for 3 years On the northern point,which is the highest,stood Herod's smaller palace.It hung over the cliff on 3 terraces.South of the palace is a very large room which included the baths and the stores.On the west side near the Roman Camp is the Western Palace,it hat beautiful coloured mosaics.

068 = The Dead Sea and the Mountains of Moab.
Also called the Sea of Lot,is 76 length and about 17kms in width.The superficial level of the water is 392m.under sea level.Its specific gravity is 1,166 which keeps the human body from sinking.